Lawrence Wellness Clinic practices a form of gentle chiropractic that minimizes any discomfort associated with spinal adjustments.

This technique is based on the work of Doctor Ted Koren.

The Koren Specific Technique is such a very gentle approach and is the ideal treatment during pregnancy. As the body changes to get ready for child birth a lot women experience difficulties and regular adjustments can help reduce the pain caused by e.g. Sciatica, Sinusitis and Varicose veins in a natural way.

With this form of gentle chiropractic approach, we are correcting a serious form of nerve stress caused by distortions in your spine and structural system. This stress can cause physical and mental/emotional malfunction. They are often associated with loss of energy, pain, weakness and disease of all types.

Applying gentle chiropractic techniques to patients, they notice dramatic changes in their health right from the first visit. Your body will likely hold it’s corrections for a much longer time and as a result you can have deeper physical and emotional stresses addressed.