Free Workshops

Seminar 4


Are you experiencing pain? In this workshop Dr. Lawrence will provide you with all the information you need to know about the source or your pain. Where does your pain come from? Why does it bother you? How can you alleviate the pain? This and much more will show you how Gentle Chiropractic will help you to live a pain free and enjoyable life.


Cell Phone Radiation Workshop_th


Did you know that your electronic devices like your cell phone and computer send out radiation that can directly affect your health? Yes it’s true. This radiation that comes from these devices is harmful to your health. In this workshop you will learn the disastrous effects on the body of cell phone and computer radiation and how Dr. Lawrence will help you take care of this so you can enjoy your devices with NO adverse effects from radiation.


Pressure Points Flyer_th


Pressure points in your body? What are these pressure points and how do they relate to the symptoms that you are experiencing? In this workshop Dr. Lawrence will explain all. Learn the true source of physical discomforts and pain as well as diseases that can also set in as a result of these factors.


Text neck Workshop_th


The terms “Text Neck” and “computer Neck” are becoming the norm in our society. Have you ever finished sending a message on your phone or finished working on your computer with neck pain or discomfort? In this workshop, you will learn how this happens as well as how Gentle Chiropractic will help with this condition so you can work on your phone or computer pain free.