What Gentle Chiropractic Does

Gentle Chiropractic is a healing method used to locate and address areas of trauma and other stresses in the body that are often missed by most healthcare professionals.

Gentle Chiropractic is used to improve body function, promote natural healing, release physical and emotional stresses and works extremely well with any other healing practitioner or philosophy.

Gentle Chiropractic is also used to locate and address areas that need attention such as emotional issues, allergies, phobias, addictions, bad habits, toxicity, structural imbalances, disc problems and much more.

At Lawrence Health Wellness Clinic we incorporate many different aspects of therapy including Accupressure, aspects of Osteopathy, Naturopathy, CranioSacral Therapy, massage therapy, and much much more to integrate all aspects of health and wellness to give you the patient the complete solution to get to optimal health.

Everyone is different. Instead of relying upon a limited technique or philosophy of care, at Lawrence Health Wellness Clinic we approach every patient in a unique treatment plan for their individual needs based on the extensive education of Dr. Lawrence in the many philosophies of health and wellness.

Part of the added benefit at Lawrence Health Wellness Clinic is the aspect of healing techniques you can do for yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Many types of conditions can be addressed at Lawrence Health Wellness Clinic:
• Quickly and easily analyze and address the body and body/mind for subluxations, distortions, blockages, interferences, imbalances, deep hidden physical and emotional stress that may have been carried around since birth or old trauma.
• Soft tissues including discs can be addressed.
• Immediately know if the blockage or interference etc. was corrected.
• The treatment is gentle and low force. No “cracking” or “twisting” patients. Save your hands, arms, shoulders, etc. You don’t need to hurt yourself while helping others.
• We address the patient in the posture they need correcting in: standing, sitting, lying and in position of injury.
• Locate and release anxiety or panic (fight/flight) patterns among others.
• You’ll see results in your most dramatic areas of difficulty.
• The treatment is gentle enough to use on everyone – infants to the very elderly.
• Yes, you can specifically work on yourself.
You’ll know exactly where to correct (without X-rays, computers, MRI or other analytical equipment); you cannot over-correct.

You’ll often see dramatic changes from the first visit including immediate postural changes.

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