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Let’s talk about the stages of chiropractic care:

  1. Acute Care

The initial stage of care that patients undergo at Lawrence Health Wellness Clinic is getting them out of their immediate pain and discomfort. Your physical issues took years to develop and now in its final stages is where you start to experience pain and discomfort. Pain and discomfort is first to leave when starting chiropractic adjustments. However, the condition is still not handled. In order to get out of pain and discomfort a certain frequency of adjustments are needed. To achieve best results, a period of 4 – 8 weeks are necessary. If you do not meet the required frequency of adjustments, your pain and discomfort could continue longer as treatment is compromised. To make sure you get out of pain and discomfort as fast as possible always follow Dr. Lawrence’s prescribed adjustment visits. This will ensure you get maximum results.

  1. Corrective Care

As the patient starts this stage they are out of pain but not out of difficulty. It is now essential that they go through the Corrective phase. This will ensure their condition is fully handled to avoid any relapse. In this second stage of care, Dr. Lawrence is prescribing a certain frequency of visits that is designed to fully align your spine which is similar to an Orthodontist aligning your teeth. As you are now out of pain, you may not experience any symptoms, in fact the changes that are now happening in your body are so subtle that most people’s awareness of it is low. It takes a trained professional to fully assess the patient and see the results that are being achieved. However, it is vitally important that you follow Dr. Lawrence’s prescribed frequency of visits to properly align your spine. If you do not, you are unfortunately compromising care and you will most likely regress into your earlier condition.

  1. Optimal Health

This is the stage that patients want to get to in order to avoid any health related issues that come from areas of stress related to misalignment of the nervous system. In order to maintain optimal health, a maintenance and wellness program will be worked out with Dr. Lawrence to ensure that you enjoy a full life free of health difficulties and restrictions.

Get your nervous system balanced and experience a unique, non-invasive, gentle approach to healthcare! At Lawrence Health Wellness Clinic there is great information and products on how to live a natural, healthy lifestyle. Come see Dr. Lawrence so we can work together to become the healthiest you! Better yet, come to a free workshop for more information! Call 519-746-4144 to reserve your spot!

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