How you can manage stress for yourself.

• Practice mindfulness: focus on the present moment, meditate, or even enjoy some rejuvenating yoga poses.
• Do something you enjoy: take a nature walk, spend some time in your garden, play with your pets, or visit with friends.
• Let go of your feelings: try talking with a friend, writing about the stressful event, or even crying. Practicing letting go of the stressful events and thoughts helps you overcome them rather than suppress them.
• Exercise: exercising regularly and becoming more active has multiple benefits and is one of the best ways to deal with stress. Choose what you enjoy—from running to yoga to weight training to dancing, etc.
• Breathe: whether you practice specific breathing techniques or just take a long, deep breath as you wait for the light to turn green, the computer to update, or the line to move forward, you’ll benefit.
Remember, not all stress is bad. But it’s important to deal with the effects of stress has on your health before it begins to negatively affect your health, weight, blood pressure, digestion, mood, brain power, relationships, or worse.

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