How to choose the correct backpack.

School has started, it is critical for kids’ health that they have a proper backpack. Heavy and poorly fitted backpacks can affect a kids’ musculoskeletal (MSK) health. Your MSK system provides your form, support, stability and movement to the body. When the MSK system is compromised this creates a wide range of symptoms and conditions that your body will experience, sometimes immediately but most times you won’t feel anything until years later. Carrying heavy loads long term can cause problems to your MSK system and can create many problems with your health in the future. Some symptoms may include back pain, leaning to one side and feeling fatigued and strained.
For more information on choosing the correct backpack speak with Dr. Lawrence. Better yet come to a free workshop and you can ask all your questions and receive the answers that will best help you.
Call 519-746-4144 or email for more information.

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