How is the health of your family?

As we embark on the new year, we have one question…How is the health of your family? We know that you value your spinal health, but what about the spinal health of your family? Our spines our made of bone which encases the most important system in our body…our central nervous system. The system controls everything in your body including your immune system. Our spine will break down, just as any joint or bone will. We call this spinal degeneration or degenerative joint disease. A subluxation is when 2 or more bones in the spine stop moving properly and this sets the stage for degeneration and can happen at any age. Care from Dr. Lawrence keeps our spines healthy and hereby keeps our nervous system free from interference that can affect how the body functions.
I’m sure you would like your family to get healthy and to stay as healthy as possible. Young and old…they all deserve to be as healthy as you. Share the health you have received from Lawrence Health Wellness Clinic and bring your family in for a spinal check-up.They’ll thank you for it!

Look well to the spine

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