Healthy Holiday Ideas for food and gift giving

Give the Gift of Health

There are many ways you can be healthy over the holidays, keep reading to find out different options for eating and gift giving the healthy way.

Modifying Holiday Recipes can be a trick to have the treats but feel better about eating them.

There are many ways that you can modify your favorite holiday desserts to reduce the fat and calories but still keep the flavor and texture.

Try these ideas:

Fruit puree. Substitute an equal amount of fruit puree (e.g., applesauce) for oil in cake, brownie, bread, or muffin mixes. The fruit adds flavor, moisture, and tenderness to baked goods when the oil is omitted.

Egg whites or egg substitutes. Replace some of the whole eggs in a recipe with egg whites or a commercial egg substitute. 1 egg = 2 egg whites or 1/4 cup of egg substitute.

Cocoa powder. Use 2 Tbsp. cocoa powder plus 1 Tbsp. regular or diet margarine in place of every 1 oz. of unsweetened baking chocolate.

Gift Giving Ideas

The holiday season is also a time to think of your friends and family. Consider including nutrition and fitness-themed gifts to help others focus on healthy lifestyles and enjoyable activities.

It is always hard to find a gift for the person that has everything. Give them the gift of chiropractic; it is more than helping the body rid itself of disease, aches, pains and various health challenges. Chiropractic helps your body and mind function more effectively, gain higher resistance to disease, better concentration, better balance and more energy.

Why not give them the gift of health and purchase a package from Dr. Lawrence for chiropractic appointments! 

Give the Gift of Health
Give the Gift of Health



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