A Chiropractic Perspective

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Symptoms although unpleasant, are signs that the body is struggling to adapt to stress and regain balance. Suppressing symptoms may cause chronic illness. For successful adaptation to life’s stresses your body needs balance (homeostasis). Every organ and system in your body works to maintain you in internal and external harmony.

Nobel Prize winner Rene Dubos, PhD says: Good health is a process of continuous adaptation to the myriad microbes, irritants, pressures and problems which daily challenge man.

Chiropractic Perspective

 Symptoms such as fevers, chills, vomiting, fatigue, skin eruptions, sneezing, inflammation and others – although unpleasant – aren’t a matter of bad luck or, as people thought, curses from angry gods. Rather, they are signs that your body is struggling to adapt to stress and regain balance.

By lowering fever, preventing diarrhea or vomiting, pushing ourselves when we should rest, suppressing skin interruptions, fighting inflammation and in general not permitting the body to express symptoms, we interfere with the body’s adaptatory mechanisms to re-establish our balance (homeostasis) and health.

Natural healers do not, as a general rule, suppress symptoms. Instead they work with and enhance your body’s natural, self-healing and homeostatic (balancing) mechanisms.

Our Goal as Chiropractors

 Our goal is to keep your spine and nervous system free of blockages so your ability to adapt to life’s stresses and challenges is enhanced. You will be stronger, more stable and more secure; you will thrive, grow, better enjoy life and continue on your journey to be the best you can be. Life’s challenges will become adventures, stepping stones to help bring out the best in you so that you will be fulfilled, happy and in tune with the magic of life.

Source:  Koren Publications Inc.

Give someone you care about the gift of a balanced immune system with chiropractic care from Dr. Lawrence, call 519-746-4144 now to find out more.

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