Chiropractor Kitchener Waterloo

Lawrence Health Wellness Clinic is the home of Gentle Chiropractic for Kitchener-Waterloo and the surrounding communities.

Our reason for being is to support our patients, and their whole family, in their quest for health. Dr. Lawrence uses the gentle chiropractic form of treatment, and prefers to work with the patient in a seated or standing position (rather than lying down). He uses the gentle chiropractic approach to correct a serious form of nerve stress that causes physical and mental problems including pain, weakness, loss of energy and disease of all types. The result of chiropractic care is a pain free rehabilitated health condition for the patient.

We are located on Dupont Street East in Waterloo, on the north side of the street, about a block and a half east of King Street. You will find us in Suite L2 of the building that we share with many other healthcare professionals. There is ample free parking on site and of course our office is easily navigated by those with mobility challenges. Please visit, call or email and let us know how we can help you and your family achieve a better quality of life.

Call (519) 746-4144 now to schedule an appointment at Lawrence Health Wellness Clinic Waterloo to find out for yourself what our patients already know about the many benefits of regular chiropractic treatment.

Home of Gentle Chiropractic in Waterloo